Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Solar keyboard

I treated myself to a very indulgent item for my desk at work. I bought a solar powered wireless keyboard. Why? Because I can. It's made by Logitech and I found out it was severely discounted at Staples - so I bought one.

It's actually a nice keyboard. It's very thin, so it's easy to position on your desk and move around. It's powered by light, so you never have to change the batteries. I was hoping we had achieved solar efficiency that would not require the keyboard to have to operate under sun lamps and I was totally impressed with its ability to convert light into electricty. The keyboard's battery level and solar generating status can be monitored live using a utility downloaded from Logitech. I found that just being in any kind of light was enough to power this thing. I didn't just buy it for its show-off factor though. The keys have a very nice light tactile touch to them, which, considering the amount of typing I do at work, is wonderful.

The only problem I had with the K750 was its installation. It comes with a unifying wireless to USB adapter which is supposed to work with any Logitech wireless device. Since I also have a Logitech wireless mouse, I expected it to work with both. It did not. The two devices did not work with the mouse's Logitech unifying adapter either. So I ended up having to use - both unifying adapters - a bit of overkill. But it works. Amazingly, they don't interfere with each other.

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Retro Blog said...

Most interesting, do they come in ergonomic style? I had to use the old style when my ergonomic board died at work. I felt like the backs of my hand were welded together using that thing.