Sunday, April 22, 2012

Things I learned this week 22 Apr 2012

  • The Canadian Mint is making a glow-in-the-dark quarter featuring a dinosaur. It will cost $30.
  • Studies confirm that fracking causes earthquakes.
  • According to some politicians in Alberta, climate change is still being debated.
  • The Alberta Liberal Party wants to phase out university tuition through higher taxes for rich people.
  • Transparent Reference XL speaker cables go for the low price of $12,000.
  • Because of new, stricter Canadian car seat standards, it is now illegal to re-sell a car seat made before Jan 2012.
  • In Antarctica, the wind chill can reach -121C (as recorded by Ranulph Fiennes).
  • Ye is meant to be pronounced the. The 'y' is the letter that was chosen to replace the letter thorn that began the words 'the', 'that' etc. The letter thorn looked close enough to a Y in the German type font.
  • In the 1970’s there were about 40 refineries across Canada. There are 19 today.

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