Friday, April 20, 2012

Meat overload

We're very fortunate to have a gourmet restaurant in our neighbourhood (Notable) and we went for supper. Darlene always goes on about their prime rib, but I'm not really a prime rib person. She said "Get the end piece like I do, it's great". So I did. Oh my goodness is that tasty - especially from a place like Notable. But it was so much meat. Holy cow (pun intended). When the server came by to ask how things were, this is what I said:

"You know how if parents wanted to get their kid disinterested in smoking, they'd sit the kid down and make them smoke a whole pack of cigarettes without stopping? Well, if this meal makes me not want to eat beef again, I'll be very upset." We all laughed. But seriously, it was a lot of meat. And it was very good.

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