Sunday, March 04, 2012

Things I learned this week 4 Mar 2012

  • In the original use of the words, roads run between two distant points, such as two towns. Streets are paved and lined with buildings.
  • They have some weird Pepsi flavours in Japan (Baobab; Pink [strawberry milk flavour]; Mont Blanc [a chestnut dessert]; White [yogurt]; Shiso [pine/mint]; Azuki [the bean]; Red [spicy ginger]; Ice Cucumber; Blue Hawaii [pineapple lemon]; Gold [sapote].
  • There’s a Y8K bug built into the Gregorian calendar - the vernal equinox may not take place exactly on March 21 of the year 8000.
  • A global commission on drug policy wants our PM to stop the prohibition on marijuana.
  • Apple Inc. is worth about twice the market capitalization of Canada’s big five banks put together.
  • The Royal Bank of Canada only made $1.86billion in profits this quarter.
  • Darlene doesn't like it when my hair is really really short.
  • A Wyoming state representative wants to acquire an aircraft carrier and consider plans for raising an army, navy and air force should the US collapse. Go look at where Wyoming, with 568,000 people, is located on a map.
  • Poo is Thai for crab.
  • Iceland is considering adopting the Canadian dollar.

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