Sunday, March 25, 2012

Things I learned this week 25 Mar 2012

  • There used to be an estimated 50 million bison roaming North America before Europeans settled here. Now there are a few thousand.
  • Mitt Romney says he has made "enough" money that he is incorruptible.
  • Almost all women are wearing the wrong bra size. Oprah said 80%. The reality is probably closer to 95%.
  • Americans have access to a free version of TurboTax.
  • RCMP in BC are posing as panhandlers at intersections to catch drivers on cell phones.
  • Our cell providers seem to think that a $10/month fee for 150MB of data for a tablet is a good deal.
  • Some companies think it's OK to ask prospective employees for their Facebook passwords as a condition for getting the job.
  • It takes 2900 gallons of water to make a single pair of jeans.
  • The iPhone now outsells the Blackberry in Canada for the first time ever.
  • In a move to recoup their unwise investment in 3D, theatres will soon have the same price for both 2D and 3D films. 2D prices will increase and 3D prices will decrease. In other words, those who dislike 3D will be punished.
  • William Shatner is 81.
  • The muppets finally got a star on the walk of fame.

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