Sunday, March 11, 2012

Things I learned this week 11 Mar 2012

  • Rush Limbaugh is such an ass now, he got kicked in the sponsors.
  • 25 billion apps have been downloaded from the Apple apps store.
  • You can now buy special reusable bags to make grilled cheese sandwiches in your toaster.
  • Babies R Us doesn't actually sell babies....
  • At the end of the album Dark Side of the Moon, just after the last spoken voice, if you turn the volume way up, you can faintly hear the strains of an instrumental for Ticket to Ride. The album was recorded at Abbey Road studios.
  • Windows 8 has added the ability to use gestures on a picture for login purposes.  In short, you choose a picture and then perform gestures on that picture.  The combination becomes your credentials.
  • Shortly after the May 1940 German invasion of Belgium, Hitler tried to ban French fries because they were the main nutritional source of the Belgian resistance.
  • In France, it's illegal to name your pig Napoleon. But the law is a joke and nobody respects it.
  • In Japan, an elder brother, by law and honour, can formally ask for his younger brother’s girlfriend’s hand in marriage, and both must agree to it.
  • Linux Mint may be better than Ubuntu.

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