Thursday, March 22, 2012

Sometimes bragging backfires

Lately, a bunch of provincial government signs have appeared along Stoney Trail (Calgary's ring road) bragging about the construction of said road. One can assume this might have something to do with an expected election call in the next few weeks. I would caution that this may backfire.

Unfortunately for the government, when I see the signs, I am not reminded of how great it is that we have a ring road. Instead, I am reminded of how long it took to build said ring road. I am reminded of how the road was done piecemeal, with traffic lights and incomplete bridges, ramps and intersections after the road opened. We still have a traffic light controlled intersection in the west leg at Nose Hill Drive. I am reminded of how we still don't have a solution for the southwest leg of the ring road through or around the Tsuu Tina first nation and how this is affecting traffic in the entire southwest quadrant of Calgary. I am reminded of the dangerous schmozzle on the ring road's opening where the ramp from the ring road to highway 2 north was so short, that merging onto the highway was a dance with death. I am also reminded of the growing traffic on the road at rush hour, demonstrating that perhaps the province was a little short-sighted in only making 2 lanes per direction when they should have gone with 3 lanes.

So maybe the signs aren't such a good idea.

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