Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Roadway definitions

  • Roads run between two distant points, such as two towns.
  • Streets are paved and lined with buildings.
  • An avenue is traditionally a straight road with a line of trees or shrubs running along each side, which emphasize arrival at a landscape or architectural feature.
  • A boulevard is usually a widened, multi-lane arterial street with a median and landscaping between the curbs and sidewalks on either side.
  • A court is a short street that ends as a cul-de-sac.
  • A drive can be short for driveway, a private road for local access to one, or a small group of structures. Other times it refers to meandering, rather than straight, roads and highways.
  • An expressway is a divided highway meant for high-speed traffic.
  • A freeway is a road designed for safe high-speed traffic through the elimination of intersections at the same grade or level.
  • A parkway is a broad landscaped roadway in a park or connecting parks from which trucks and other heavy vehicles are excluded.
  • A highway is a main road intended for travel between destinations like cities and towns.
  • A lane is a narrow road or street usually lacking a shoulder or a median.
  • A way is a minor street off a road in a town.

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