Thursday, March 01, 2012

Jujube fraud

Seen at a certain store that may or may not rhyme with smellers. It looks like a substantial container of jujubes. But the container is a lie, as when you turn it over, there's a huge indentation in the center bottom that protrudes significantly into said container, robbing the jujube lover of jujube volume. The picture doesn't do it justice either - that indentation is at least half as deep as the container.

It's a jujube scam. Container trickery. Once upon a time, in a politically incorrect society, I might even have called them Jew-jubes.

1 comment:

Retro Blog said...

Take another picture with something contrasting seated in the depression, perhaps a half cup measuring cup. Then rename
the product as politically incorrect by calling them...

"Jew-Jew-Bees". Yeah.