Friday, February 03, 2012

Overheard in a Rogers board room

Exec 1: So, we have to stop throttling our internet customers, eh?
Exec 2: You mean, that practise we do that we once denied we were doing?
[Everyone laughs]
Exec 1: Damned CRTC.
Exec 3: It wasn't the CRTC that started this. We had them on our side - bought and paid for. Of course, the public will never know that.
Exec 2: You're right. It was that that started all of this with their net neutrality bullshit. Only then was the CRTC forced to wade into the issue.
Exec 1: Stupid.... openmedia....
Exec 2: OK, so now what?
Exec 3: Send out a press release that we're phasing out all internet throttling by the end of 2012.
Exec 1: Phasing out?
Exec 3: Yeah. We need time to divide our network pipes in half. The people file sharing and streaming Netflix will get to share the ghetto pipes...
Exec 2: And everyone else gets to use the shiny, speed-demon pipes!
Exec 3: More or less, yes.
Exec 2: Including our own streaming services?
Exec 3: Absolutely. And nobody will be the wiser.
Exec 1: That's em-effin' awesome!
Exec 2: We should give the folks in network management a raise.......

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