Saturday, February 25, 2012

ACTA redux

What is ACTA, you ask? Read on - the White Noise redux:

Basically, the US entertainment industry convinced the US government that not only did America need tough copyright laws to save the industry, but the US needed to convince the rest of the world to adopt similar strict copyright laws. America knew that would be difficult, so they visited countries, held secret meetings and threatened trade sanctions if they didn't comply. These countries signed under duress. Except Canada. We signed willingly.

Then the leaders of many of those countries slowly started to realize that if they were seen by their citizens as supporting ACTA, they would be thrown out of office. So one by one, countries have been reconsidering and indicating that they will not agree to ACTA. To date: Bulgaria, The Netherlands, Germany, Poland, the Czech Republic, Latvia, Slovakia, Cyprus, and Estonia. But not Canada.

Watch this space.....

[read the wikipedia article for detailed information here]

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