Monday, January 16, 2012

Would you like a sump pump with that?

To accommodate the introduction of a new 24 ounce sized beverage cup, Tim Hortons is shifting their existing cup sizes as of a week from today. They're going to call this new behemoth an 'extra large'.

Unfortunately, this means that as of next week, if you order a small, what you'll really be getting is the old medium. If you order a medium, you'll be getting the old large. And so on. Am I the only one that sees a problem here? Instead of renaming all of the original cup sizes, I suggest just calling the new 24 ounce cup size 'stupid large', or 'bladder torture'. Maybe 'the bucket', or 'the gargantu-one'. No word on whether the insulation sleeve will sport a handle to help hold this monster 700ml pail of caffeine solution.

The old small will be renamed 'extra-small'. Tim Hortons claims that part of the reason they're doing this is to bring their sizes more in line with Starbucks, Second Cup and McDonalds.

'The coffee tower'? How about 'The two-four'?

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