Friday, January 27, 2012

KeePass! You rule!

It's amazing the things you learn about the software you use when you take the time to read.... THE MANUAL.

OK, so I use this password management utility called KeePass. What you do is create an entry for every web site you need login credentials for, and KeePass will store them for you and protect access to it all with one master password (which you can make as long as you like). It's brilliant for one main reason - long, complex passwords, while being very secure are also impossible to remember. KeePass solves that problem because you no longer need to remember any but the master password. Best still, the database that KeePass uses to store the URL, username and password for each site is portable. I even use it at work, as do many of my IT colleagues.

What I had been doing is when I get to a web site that needs my username and password, I drag and drop them, one at a time, from KeePass right into the appropriate fields on the web page. What I didn't know is that KeePass will actually type that stuff into the fields for you - it's called Auto-Type. You just place your cursor in the username field on the web page and go back to KeePass and select the entry for that site and do a Ctrl + V. That copies and pastes the username and password into the correct fields on the web page and even does the equivalent of pressing Enter. No more dragging and dropping. It's just a quick click, click Ctrl + V, and you're logged in.


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