Wednesday, January 11, 2012

$50 bills are legal tender

There are times when Darlene asks me to hand her some cash and I give her a $50 bill. She will hand it back to me, saying that the store she plans to go into doesn't take $50 bills. This is where I lose it. My mind that is.....

Why the heck not? Is it because the store is afraid the $50 bill might be counterfeit? No? Then what is the damned problem? Oh. It's because they don't have enough change. Too bloody bad!

Message to all stores: As long as the $50 bill is considered legal tender, and as long as cash withdrawals from the bank machine keep giving me $50 bills, then you are obliged to accept them as legal tender. If you don't have enough change to accommodate this, then get some more! You're not hosting a garage sale. You're running a retail store for crying out loud!

"Oh Karl, you are still using cash?" Yeah, I saw that question coming a mile away. I'm ready for you too. Until financial institutions get their act together, making it damned near impossible for people to hijack or steal my cards and accounts, I will reserve my right to use cash. Especially in situations where I do not know or trust the store.

[Steps off of soapbox]

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