Thursday, November 03, 2011

Remember this......

There's a growing brouhaha in Calgary over a particular local bar's advertisement, asking (in essence) 'What will you remember this November 11th? Hopefully it will be the rollicking drunk time you had at our bar the night before'. Anyone who views the Remembrance Day tradition with respect is shaking their head over this ad.

I offer up a slightly different comeback. If you want something to remember (assuming you have the day off), head over to the nearest cenotaph to participate in the memorial service at 11:11am. If you want to get drunk, when the memorial service is over, head over to the nearest Legion, where you are sure to find local veterans and active military men and women alike, trading stories about the selfless acts they have performed in the service of your country. Buy them a drink while you're at it and they will grace you with some of their fantastical stories from their career protecting our freedoms.

Hopefully that is what you'll remember this November the 11th.

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Anonymous said...

We're bringing 8 of our classes to our cenotaph. Hope they can be respectful....might be tough for that many kids. But we'll try!! H.