Saturday, November 12, 2011


"I wish I could hook my iPhone up to a mini tripod."

"It would be cool if I could prop my iPhone up at an angle."

"If my iPhone was propped up, this would make hands-free use at a desk more practical."

As an iPhone 4/4S owner, have you ever had any of those thoughts? If you can identify with any of these sentiments, have I got the perfect accessory for you.

It's called The Glif. It's not much to look at, but this little rubberized plastic makes it possible to prop up your phone or attach it to a standard tripod. When my friend Ernest showed this to me I said "Order me one please!" Be sure to watch the video on the site. It will all make sense.

The only caveat is that The Glif will only be useful if your iPhone is naked (no case).

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