Saturday, November 19, 2011


Allow me to introduce some new punctuation marks to you, because we all love to broaden our horizons. Right? OK, here we go.


« »  Guillemets means "Little Williams," which is interesting but unhelpful. They're named after a 16th Century French printer. Their primary role exists in non-English languages that use them as quotation marks. So when you're feeling a little non-English, feel free to use them as such.

Because Sign

This one's so cool. It's like the "Therefore" sign, but upside-down. Furthermore, it means because.


   It's a combination Exclamation and Question mark, and it's awesome. It is the punctuational equivalent of saying like OMGWTF?!


¶   This one's for paragraph breaks. Most people will be familiar with it, because it's a button in MS Word. But they won't know that it's called a Pilcrow. It's also referred to as "The Blind P". Pilcrow is the Middle English word for Paragraph. Try to use that fun fact in real life. Why? ?

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