Saturday, October 29, 2011

Now we take you to the board room of an oil company

Oil executive A: I say we lower the cost of gas.
Oil executive B: Are you mad?
Oil executive C: But the price of crude oil just went UP.....
Oil executive A: Yes, yes, I know. It makes no sense, right?
Oil executive B: We've just spent the better part of a decade trying to explain to consumers that gasoline prices are tied to the cost of crude oil. By doing this, they'll put two and two together and realize that everything we've been telling them was a lie.
Oil executive C: You devious bastard!
Oil executive A: Why thank you.
Oil executive B: This could really push them over the top.
Oil executive C: They'll go completely mad.
Oil executive A: They'll never know what hit them.
Oil executive B: It's settled then. Do it. Lower the price of gas 4 cents per litre.
Oil executive C: Are we still flying to Phoenix for a round of golf this afternoon?
Oil executive A: Absofreakinglutely!
Oil executive B: I'm bringing my gold plated clubs this time.

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