Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Get over it already

You know what I'm really getting tired of? Using the economy or a rigid business model to justify the status quo.

In an article I read today, spokespeople for the food industry are complaining that if stricter drunk driving laws are passed in Alberta, people will be scared into just staying home, which will put restaurant revenue at risk.

Give me a break. This is the same sort of logic that had the music industry fear-mongering about cassette tapes, CDs and the internet, the movie industry fear-mongering about VCRs, DVDs and the internet, and so on. It's also the same argument that the food and bar industry tried to use to stop the smoking ban from coming to Alberta. It turns out that restaurants and bars have not gone out of business (at least not from the smoking ban), but have attracted people that otherwise might not have bothered to go because of the smoky environment.

It also speaks to the narrow-minded approach the food industry takes toward change. If people are less likely to go out because they fear drinking too much will get them into trouble with the law, then there are a lot of things you can do to take advantage of that. Offer them taxi vouchers to get a ride home. Offer a free meal to the person(s) in the group designated to drive the rest home. Start promoting things other than alcohol at your establishment.

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Anonymous said...

100% bang on again! You really should think about running for mayor, Karl.