Thursday, October 27, 2011

A Ford broke down in his driveway

Rob Ford, the current mayor of Toronto, is at it again. I'll try to include extra details for those of you not familiar with Canadian TV culture. We have a political parody program called This Hour has 22 Minutes. It is quite popular. One of the things this show does on a regular basis is to send a female character named Marg Delahunty, who is dressed like a parody of Xena the Warrior Princess, to ambush political and celebrity figures and conduct ad hoc interviews. This usually happens when the target has recently been in the spotlight for something, good or bad. Even our Prime Minister has been targeted, and most people play along, knowing that it's just good, clean fun.

This time, the target was Rob Ford. The 22 Minutes crew tried to interview Rob at his home and while he supposedly played along at first, he got very agitated and tried to leave. Not succeeding, he went into his house and called 911. Twice. He claims he did it because of the death threats he has received. He claims it was dark. He claims to not know who the crew were. He claims that his daughter was scared. But there is no indication that his daughter was around. Check the still of the video clip. It was not dark at all. The crew were unmistakable as the 22 Minutes crew. There was no threat to his life. He was smiling. I saw the video clip. I find it hard to believe that Rob doesn't know this show or this character, or this schtick. But it doesn't end here.

Word on the street is that not only did the mayor of Toronto waste the valuable time of the 911 emergency service because of an ad hoc comedy interview, he called them back a few minutes later and verbally berated the dispatchers because the cops hadn't shown up yet (it took them 10 minutes). I have no confirmation of this, but he supposedly said, "You.... bitches! Don't you f--king know? I'm Rob f--cking Ford, the mayor of this city!"

Stay classy Rob Ford.

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