Saturday, September 10, 2011

I think we're getting a pretty good deal

The Sun claims a survey of Canadians indicate many people thought the federally funded broadcaster - the CBC - only gets $150mil when they actually get $1.1bil yearly. What they didn't do is set the stage with any kind of comparison to other networks. I checked to see what another network budget was to see if expectation versus reality is realistic. The CTV's operating budget was $2bil - and that's just for television. CBC's budget also operates radio networks.

The Conservative journalists then go on to say that the CBC needs to convert into a PBS style television network where all of the funding comes from corporate donations and 'viewers like you'. OK fine. Maybe they're right. But the moment that decision is made to save that paltry $1.1bil (and falling - the government has ordered CBC to cut its budget over the next few years), I'm going to lobby like a mofo to get every red cent that our tax dollars pay to prop up any other Canadian networks, including the specialty channels, axed as well.

I was discussing the CBC with some friends yesterday and some of them said that they had no problem with the CBC going away. I reminded them of some of the quality programming on the CBC network. They had totally forgotten that some of their favourite shows are on the CBC.

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You are such a Liberal