Tuesday, August 23, 2011

What are they thinking?

Here's an example of a retailer that doesn't seem to care about making as much money as they could. Sears Canada will no longer give you a catalogue when you walk into their store and up to their catalogue desk, unless you present a card you got in the mail entitling you to one. You won't get one of those cards unless you have done $50 of catalogue shopping in the last 6 months. Think about that for a moment. If you're hoping to become a new catalogue shopper at Sears, good luck getting a hard copy catalogue.

There used to be 2 shipments of catalogue orders to the stores (for pick-up) per week, now the shipments come in once every 2 weeks! That's going to come in really handy around holiday season when you're trying to buy gifts. Also, delivery charges apply to all orders where they did not exist before. So if you order something and have to return it, you eat the delivery cost.

Message to Sears: F.A.I.L

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Retro Blog said...

Ah I accidentally came across a Candian Sears catalog several years ago while working in Barrow. I looked through thinking that I might order something from a foreign country, how thrilling. However, the catalog was a huge disappointment as I remembered the catalogs of my childhood and the offerings were skimpy and my inclination then was to think, "O Canada! ...Poor Sears catalog!"