Monday, August 08, 2011

Rules are meant to be guidelines only

Here is a perfect example of how when rules are not used as guidelines but become defacto lines in the sand, bad things happen. Yet the province of Alberta probably doesn't see what the problem is.

Alberta Transportation plans to make some improvements to Spray Lakes Road (a gravel road that winds through the Rockies between Canmore and Kananaskis) as a result of the deaths of three people whose vehicle plunged into a reservoir last year. This road is notorious for car accidents. Last December an SUV carrying two couples plunged into the reservoir and only one person survived.

After an investigation, Alberta Transportation plans to put up barriers and add signs warning of tight corners, and reduced speeds on those corners.

The road has seen more than 90 incidents in the last five years, yet there are no immediate plans to pave the road. The province will pave a road if it's used by 400 cars a day. This road is travelled by about 380 vehicles a day.

So, do you see the obvious issue here? The road doesn't meet the criteria for paving, yet it is 'notorious' for accidents. Fatal ones. I recommend bending the rule slightly and consider 380 close enough to 400 to proceed with paving.

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