Thursday, August 25, 2011

PRT! PRT! PRT! [One man cheering squad]

My friend Steve, who is a big player in the PRT industry, sent me an update about the state of PRT in the world. In a nutshell, PRT may have gotten off to a slow, deliberate start, but it is making serious waves and there are many bids going on around the world.

At Heathrow airport in London, the PRT serving Terminal 5 is impressing the 63,000 passengers that have used the futuristic transit system. Here's the (condensed) scoop:

As of 21 August 2011, approximately 63,000 passenger trips have been completed with 22 hour per day service. The system currently carries about 800 passengers per day, and BAA has withdrawn the bus service from this car park, ensuring all passengers travel to and from T5 by the Heathrow Pod. The 5 minute ride has been described as "futuristic", "rapid" and "a transport revelation." Twitter and Youtube quotes:

* "I love these things. Best airport transfer devices ever"
* "Awesome sci-fi system"
* "Landed and used the very cool #heathrowpod … and they're even better to use - quicker, easier and greener than the buses to/from the car park"
* "I am in a pod. A bit like the cab on Total Recall without the mad driver! ... FAST though! ... Almost like a real life scalextric ;-)"
* "Geek transportation par excellence!"
* "Soooo cool!! Addicting!!"
* "Fantastic. Epochal. Could not be more excited. First rate. Staff could not have been friendlier."
* 30-second essence
* Full five-minute ride

Here's a Globe and Mail article.

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