Friday, August 26, 2011

Olivia meets Daisy the cowgirl

I've never been a puppet master before, but I was willing to learn, especially for the sake of my grand-daughter Olivia. We invested in a few puppets, all of them Melissa & Doug creations.

A few nights ago when Olivia was over, I decided to bring out Daisy (my name for her), a cowgirl puppet and bring her to life. Olivia made friends with her right away, introducing her to her stuffed Nemo "He's not a puppet" and a stuffed cat "He's not a puppet either." I guess Olivia felt the need to let the puppet know that her other friends were not puppets. I propped Daisy up on the back of the big comfy chair Olivia was sitting in and made Daisy act like she had never seen the children's show Olivia was watching on TV before, so Olivia proceeded to explain the whole back story behind the show. The highlight of the exchange for me though was when Olivia asked Daisy if she could hold her hand. I twisted Daisy around just enough to fling the puppet's limp right arm in Olivia's direction and Olivia took the puppet's hand in hers. They had a few nice moments together. I so wish I had gotten a picture of that, but I was already committed to operating Daisy and couldn't get to a camera before it was over.

Not much later, Olivia's mommy showed up and saw Olivia and her new friend with her own eyes and was beaming. Being a grandpa is fun.

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Retro Blog said...

Well shoot, that is so sweet I am all veklempt. You lucky gramp, you.