Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Now you can fly anywhere....

What I mean to say is... you can take your flight simulator anywhere. I'm a flight simulator guy. I've been flying planes on my computer since there were flight simulators for consumers. I've used Microsoft's Flight Simulator (various versions) for the most part, but I did fly the X-Plane software for a while too. I ended up going back to the Microsoft product just because I liked the feel of the controls and the environment rendering just a little more. There are also a lot more hobbyist-built plane models available for the Microsoft program too.

But what I was really looking forward to was a simulator for my iPad. It appears that X-Plane was first out of the blocks. Their iPad app is $9.99 and it looks great. No joystick required. Just pick your plane, pick your location, pick your status (on the ground, flying, approach) and start flying. The controls work off of the orientation of the iPad and everything else is a touch slider on the screen. It is a little touchy, but I got used to it pretty quick.

If you like flight sims like I do and you wish you could take yours with you on your iPad..... now you can. For a little extra coin ($5), you can even add an Apollo add-on that lets you fly a lunar mission.

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