Friday, August 12, 2011

Getting new maps easier than ever before

Whenever I buy any type of gadget, Darlene always asks how much more it will cost in the long run, with upgrades and updates and obsolete software that needs replacing and so on and so forth. She has a point. Which is why after I bought my first map update for my Garmin Nuvi GPS a few years back, I decided that it would be better and cheaper in the long run to just buy the lifetime update for a few dollars more ($110 bought me North American maps for life versus $70 per update).

I hadn't updated my maps in over a year, so this past weekend I decided to get the latest maps. Now Garmin even has an updater program for your PC that will get all updates as they come out (downloaded in the wee hours of the morning if you wish) and lets you choose which one to install on your device. No more logging in to the Garmin web site or having to remember your password. And unlike my last update, which seemed to make my device slower (possibly because the process didn't effectively remove the old map), this new updater did a splendid job and my device is operating at peak efficiency once again.

Good job Garmin.

Disclaimer: I am not in any way affiliated with Garmin or its subsidiaries.

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