Thursday, July 07, 2011

Where's the panache? Where's the oomph?

Calgary Transit is coming up with a new electronic fare card system in the near future and they're holding a contest to pick a name for the card. I missed my opportunity to offer a potential name by this much [holds fingers really close together], but Calgary Transit have apparently picked the best potential names from 5000 submitted names and are allowing people to vote on them. The top 3 names are:

Connect... Range... and Energy.

[yawn] Seriously? [bigger yawn] I'm about to pass out from boredom. Come on! That was the best you guys could come up with from the 5000 submissions? There is absolutely nothing in there that can be identified with Calgary. Sometimes I wonder about the bureaucrats in this city.

So, what would I have suggested? Off the top of my head: Chinook Card; Coyote Card; Bow Card; CalTrans Card; Purple Card (in honour of our 'Purple Prince' who is striving to quickly modernize our transit system, Mayor Naheed Nenshi)......

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Anonymous said...

From the start, I had wanted to put in my own submission, but also missed the boat (train) on that one. I thought there should be a name that more accurately mirrors how well or often our transit works... halftime card? I dunno. Could never come up with something clever enough anyways. Maybe they should spend less time running campaigns to name stuff, and just fix their broken infrastructure.