Saturday, July 30, 2011

Pet people power-trip peeves the Plesz

I don't own a dog, so what I'm about to post may inspire correction or explanation from actual dog owners.

Darlene and I were enjoying a nice breakfast at a local diner that has an outdoor patio. Another family who were also enjoying the patio had decided to bring their small dog along. They tied its leash up to the patio fence and were fastidiously trying to keep the dog on the other side of the fence. The dog wanted no part of it. The dog kept trying to get closer to the family, but the family kept putting the dog back on the other side of the fence. Worse, the family was trying to persuade the dog to stay in one fixed place, really no bigger than the length of the dog itself. They at least had the decency to place it in a spot that was shaded from the sun, but of course a dog being a dog, it wanted to roam at least the distance allowed by the length of its leash. The owners would have none of this and kept pushing the poor animal away, back to its temporary prison.

This really pissed me off. It's a god-damned animal. Animals were not born to sit in a small circle while their owners live it up. The dog would have probably appreciated it more to be left at home, but no. Let's bring it along and force it to do our bidding. When other people gazed upon what was going on (the dog not cooperating and the owners being stern with it), the owners, realizing that perhaps some folks didn't understand what the deal was, explained that 'the dog needs to learn'. I wasn't aware that dogs understand English to the point of comprehending that "You have to stay right there. Don't move from that spot." means "We don't want you to be a dog right now, we would rather you pretended to be an inanimate statue."

Did I mention that it made me upset?

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