Friday, June 10, 2011

Great food out doesn't have to be expensive

Darlene and I love to go out to eat at a restaurant. A lot. But you already knew that. So I am more than qualified to suggest that the value for money at most restaurants has declined steadily over the past 5 years. The days of being able to eat for two under $20, even $25 or $30 (drinks not included) are long gone, but the quality of the food has declined as well. Some of our favourite dishes have either disappeared or been rendered charicatures of their former selves at some of our regular eateries.

Well, lately we made a wonderful albeit purely accidental discovery. There's still a place you can go to get great food for two for under $25 - non-alcohholic drinks INCLUDED! Most recently, Darlene had a prime rib dinner with roasted vegetables and roasted potatoes while I had a veggie stir fry with beef - big giant pieces of beef, on rice. Darlene actually said it was one of the best prime rib meals she has ever had. That's a huge compliment coming from her. They serve breakfast too.

The name of this secretive noshery? Sunterra Market. Yeah. You may know them for their elite grocery store, but they serve hot food to your table too. If you go to the new one at the Keynote, you'll be impressed. The demo kitchen, where they offer cooking classes is on the second floor. The restaurant portion is on the third floor and there's a bar and an outdoor roof-top patio seating area as well.

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