Monday, May 09, 2011

Montreal smoked meat returns to Calgary

When Cafe Metro closed a few years back, I almost cried. My source for authentic Montreal smoked meat went away and I mourned for a long time. Thankfully, the mourning has officially ended thanks to the opening of Kicker's Smoked Meat & Deli downtown.

I found myself in the middle of downtown this afternoon, so Darlene and I used the opportunity to check the place out. Honestly, I wouldn't even have known it existed were it not for a mention in Avenue magazine. We were greeted by Tom, the owner, and he set to fixing us up a couple of smoked meats on rye (pictured). He's got home-made coleslaw and potato or mac salad plus soup every day and you can get fries too. Kickers also sells poutine and they make it with curds brought in from Montreal - a nice touch. I told him I'd consider buying a little bag of curds just to take away as a snack. Good curds are hard to come by here in Calgary, especially the likes of what you'd find in Montreal.

1215 1st Street SW, Calgary AB - right in the heart of the renewed beltline area.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE squeaky cheese! I had never heard of putin until I watched Cooking Channel "Chucks Day OFf" wherein he made putin. Heart attack on a plate. Retro

Anonymous said...

I just looked at the web site and the frys are made in a greaseless fryer, come on semi healthy frys with poutine and gravy. I've been to Montreal the place where they still fry with LARD and never change it just keep topping it up with more Lard yum yum good

Anonymous said...

Karl, I just got back from there. The poutine is awesome!