Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Google your way through a museum

One of the coolest things I've seen online recently is the Google Art Project. It's an online compilation of high-resolution pictures of artworks from galleries around the world. It also includes a virtual tour of the galleries where the art is housed a-la Streetview. The project launched 1 February 2011 and includes works from the Tate Gallery in London; the MMoA in New York; and the Uffizi in Florence.

Article and instructions here and here.


Jonathan said...

Very cool. Karl, I see a game in this, kinda like your "Where is it?" game (that I miss, by the way). Show a close-up of a portion of an art piece from one of these museums, and challenge your readers to name the piece or the artist. Hmmm?

Retro Blog said...

Ooh I think I will really enjoy this virtual museum thing, thanks!

I have a challenge query. Many year ago I visited an art museum, (Avery Brundage ?) in San Francisco and saw a Wyeth show. Don't remember WHICH Wyeth. One picture was an extreme close up of a creek bottom, clear water, rocks etc. I would dearly love to see that again or purchase a print. I do think it was an example of forces perspective. R