Saturday, February 12, 2011

What is this obsession with the birthers?

Darlene and I were driven to the San Diego airport on Friday by a guy who revealed that he was not in favour of Canadian-style health care. "You can't force Americans to buy something they don't want." He also went on about Obama's missing birth certificate - not the one that has been on display from Hawaii (that's an easily obtained fake) - the mystery missing one that proves he wasn't born in the US. "He used to be a constitution lawyer, so he knows the loopholes."



Ernest Pedersen said...

When speaking to Americans who are conservative, Christian, and anti-public-option, I have to say to them, "do you know who Jack Bauer is?" Inevitably they reply in the affirmative. I then tell them who Jack Bauer's maternal grandfather is; a former Baptist preacher named Tommy Douglas. We all know what Tommy is known for up here in Canada, but what a lot of people don't know is his reasoning for creating publicly-funded health care: because Biblical teaching tells us we are to be our brother's keeper and take care of each other. It always intrigues me when we get into discussions around this topic, especially with evangelicals how they have difficulty reconciling this argument with their stance.

Anonymous said...

Gee Karl, sorry you had to see that.
The birthers are a bit of an embarrassment to most of us here.
We tried to educate them(to no avail) Now we mostly just ignore them and hope they go away. (Sigh)

Retro Blog said...

I have a perfectly delightful friend who goes a little nutzoid when discussing Obama least she believes he was born an American. Birthers just another word for paranoia.

Although you must watch "Track Me If You Can". All about a security and privacy expert going off the grid. Learned that I need to wrap my wallet and passport in tinfoil to void RDF thingies? Sheesh.