Saturday, February 05, 2011

Things men do that drive their women crazy...

... and the men just don't understand why.

Sorting laundry, sometimes a wayward sock ends up in the next load. This drives women nuts. Never mind that the second sock will eventually get washed and will meet its partner again. They must always be washed together.

When emptying the dishwasher, some things are very dry and can be put away immediately. Other items are eligible for a phase of the task known as 'air drying'. Those items will end up being put away by the woman. Not because the man won't do it, but because the woman can't stand to see dishes air drying.

Some 'jobs around the house' will wait a long time to get done. Women call this procrastination. Men call it prioritizing.

Readers, feel free to add to this......

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Anonymous said...

Mitch and I have a love hate relationship with laundry, he will do it occasionally and I hate it when he does. (Hate is such a strong word.) He admits that he isn't very good at it so I happily wash and dry and he helps fold.