Sunday, January 16, 2011

My favourite artist.... for now

I am the furthest thing away from an art connoisseur, so if you happen to be one, feel free to laugh at my expense.

Anyway, on one of our trips to Vegas, Darlene and I went into an art store in the Fashion Show Mall on the strip. I happened to be admiring a piece of art when the salesperson started chatting me up about it. Then he offered to show me a neat trick with the painting and set it up in a viewing room at the back of the store. He asked me to watch the colours in the painting as he adjusted the lights.

OK, so this is probably a trick art gallery people pull on all unsuspecting customers all the time, but that painting changed. The view of the sky through the window changed through all the dusk colours to night colours and the scene just seemed to magically morph with the light. It was eerie. I was sold.

I found a decent photograph of the painting online and so I present it here (follow the link for a bigger view). Still Waters by Edward Gordon. I could get it as a print, but I'd sure love to get an original canvas.

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