Thursday, January 27, 2011

Karl's idea for first implementation of a PRT in Calgary

Here is my first proposed PRT network for Calgary. In case you don't know what Personal Rapid Transit is, I've blogged about it a few times.

I feel that the best place to trial this kind of transit network is in an area currently least served by last-mile transit in a local way. An area with a high concentration of people. My proposed network includes Foothills Medical Centre, which has a transit bus hub (marked by a 'T'), Motel Village, the University's Sports complex, 3 C-Train stations (Banff Trail, University and Brentwood - also marked with 'T'), Brentwood Village, the University grounds, the Children's Hospital and Market Mall. Based on the lines I drew on the map (click for a bigger view), I tried to create a network with as few choke points as possible while keeping initial building costs to a minimum. Keep in mind that this network is the initial phase with expansion potential built in. If ridership increases to a degree warranting expansion, you just keep building onto the existing network. This PRT network makes it possible to connect to/from one of 3 C-Train stations and get the rest of your way via autonomous electric pod travelling a private PRT guide way. These guide ways are narrow, easy to build and can be put above or below grade to cross roads and other obstacles without interruption.

I would suggest making the network free to use (with a transit fare or pass) and get the University, Foothills Medical Centre and Market Mall to help with the costs. It's win-win since making these facilities easier to get to via transit increases overall transit ridership dramatically, which in turn increases revenue.

If the City wants to discuss this with me, I'd be glad to help.

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Steve Raney said...

some other Calgary PRT sketch concepts, including PRT as a downtown loop circulator, complementing LRT:

Karl Plesz said...

That's uncanny.

A said...

Nice post, Karl!

I ran your map through a PRT simulator. What a great idea. We need a better way to get around. I hope this idea gets more traction.


Karl Plesz said...

A PRT simulator!? Where can I get my hands on one of those?

Thanks for the comment.