Wednesday, January 26, 2011

City Hall disconnect

I visited a local news web site today and saw the headline 'Public debate on fluoride'. The first sentence in the article says "Calgarians are getting the chance to speak out about fluoride in the drinking water."

The lack of a link in the article doesn't inspire much confidence that this is true. So I pay a visit to the City of Calgary's web site. I cannot find any mention of the fluoride debate anywhere. There's no mention of it on the front page or on their News Blog. I couldn't find anything about it in their list of boards and committees. I did a search on fluoride and got a page describing how fluoride is added to the water, but no link to any form of online discussion about it.

So if the public is being given the chance to speak out on this topic, there is either no online means of doing so, or the resource is effectively hidden from the populace.

Message to City Hall: It's 2011. Get with the times.

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