Friday, January 28, 2011

Another post about food? This can't be Karl's blog.....

Karl's favourite burgers in Calgary.

Darlene suggested that I put together a list of my favourite burgers in the city in order of preference. The list only pertains to the burger, not any sides that might come with it.

1. Rocky's Burger Bus
2. Dairy Lane (pictured)
3. The Notable
4. Kensington Pub
5. Five Guys
6. LoungeBurger
7. Tommy Burger Bar
8. Joey Tomatoes
9. Original Joe's
10. White Spot

Why stop here. How about my favourite fries in the city in order of preference.
[Updated 6 Sep 2013]

1. Rocky's Burger Bus
2. The Notable
3. Flippn Burgers
4. Dairy Lane (pictured)

5. White Spot
6. Original Joe's
7. Kensington Pub

I had to stop here as there were no other places that had great fries.


Jeff Humphreys said...

Thanks for including us in your lists. We love reading blogs with great reviews.

Jeff Humphreys
Original Joe's Corporate Office

Karl Plesz said...

Thank you guys for making good food.