Monday, January 03, 2011

An announcement from the Plesz Ministry of Information

I'm being completely facetious, of course. I just liked the sound of that. That picture? It's the official face of the ministry....

On to my rant...... I'm noticing another round of posts on Facebook warning about Facebook's instant personalization feature, with instructions on how to disable it. This warning has been making the rounds on and off since the summer of 2010. Information security has been a large part of my career for 30+ years, so endulge me as I briefly weigh in on the subject.

This Facebook feature only shares information that the user has enabled to be made public in their own profile. The better tactic (IMHO) is to go through your privacy settings and see what it is that you're sharing with everyone. If you're not sharing anything in your profile with 'everyone', you're OK. Caveat: Everything posted on Facebook is indexed by search engines, so it's mostly a moot point anyway. But if you want to make Facebook's job of offering your information to 3rd parties a little bit harder, lock down your Facebook privacy settings.

Just keep the following in mind. When you post stuff online, you're making it public. Tweets, Facebook posts, Flickr submissions, blog entries - they're all public realm. My philosphy is simple. If what you're posting would cause you grief if it ended up on a billboard sign for all to see, or on the 6 o'clock news, then you probably shouldn't post it. Otherwise, get used to the fact that your online presence is growing, it's public, it's searchable and it's permanent.

That is all.

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Anonymous said...

Yeppers, don't post something you will regret. I don't go to facebook very often because as Betty White said, "It's just sounds like a complete waste of time." That and I can't remember my password and that's okay. y'know?