Friday, December 17, 2010

Music is alive and well thank you very much

Would you like to hear what's really happening in the music industry today, rather than the whining drivel the labels want you to hear? Then you really need to read this 6 part article. Here's a wonderful synopsis:

The reality is:
* More musicians are making money off their music now then at any point in history.
* The cost of buying music has gotten lower but the amount of money going into the artist's pocket has increased.
* There are more people listening, sharing, buying, monetizing, stealing and engaging with music than at any other point in history.
* There are more ways for an artist to get heard, become famous and make a living off their music now than at any point in the history of this planet.
* Technology has made it possible for any artist to get distribution, to get discovered, to pursue his/her dreams with no company or person out there making the editorial decision that they are not allowed "in".
* The majority of music now being created and distributed is happening outside of the "traditional" system.

And to reiterate, sales are up...

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