Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Karl's headline add-ons edition 2

Where I take an actual news headline from today and add my own flavour to the end (in italics). I found some of today's headlines lent themselves to witty rebuttals.

Ontario, Maritimes hit by wild weather. Mother Nature refuses to comment. Eats cookie.
Senate committee eyes penny's future. Thousands of children's piggy banks cashed in at banks today.
Vancouver gang violence blamed on power vacuum. James Dyson insists no involvement. Roomba mod kits selling like hotcakes.
RCMP overreacted, Bay Bulls neighbour says. Mountie slams fist on desk, throws coffee cup at reporter.
Disabled musicians get royal wedding gigs. They may be deaf, but they still have rhythm.
Voyager nears edge of solar system. Voyager's mom demands it get away from the edge. Grounding imminent.
More US teens smoking pot. Hashish dealers up in arms.
Jeopardy champs to compete versus computer. Computer, cocky, downgrades to Windows XP.
Children's vitamins made false claims. Claim vitamins will take 3 inches off your waist in 4 weeks!
Tories name new integrity commissioner. They name him 'person who has job in name only'.
Hugh Jackman hurt in Oprah taping down under. Falls off couch while jumping.

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