Friday, December 03, 2010

I'm torqued

Why is it that when your car dealership service department rotates your tires or even sells and installs new ones for you, they don't need you to come back for a "re-torque" of the lug nuts? Yet when you get tires from a typical chain tire store, they insist that you must come back after 100 kilometres for a "re-torque".

Are car dealership service departments putting dangerous cars on the road? Or are chain tire outlets performing at such a low level of workmanship that they need to recheck their work? Maybe they take note of the gullible sods who come back for the lug nut tightening and sell that information to other marketing corporations. Could it be that the only reason snuggies are selling is because marketers figured out when the car owners who return for a re-torque are watching TV?

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Jim said...

I drove truck for a few years and can comment ..... to re torque a wheel is important. It is a safety issue that should be practiced. The chances of a lug nut coming loose and causing damage is low ..... but it could happen. My opinion is everyone should require a re torque .... private owners or dealerships.
For your own safety and piece of mind ..... RE TORQUE