Tuesday, December 07, 2010

If my car ad were like one of those foster children ads

In a world full of people in unfortunate circumstances, we have ignored the other tragedy in our society - unsold orphaned cars.

There are vehicles all over the world, some even in your own city or even your own neighbourhood, who are alone, cold and desperate for a new home. They dream of someday being able to take you to the grocery store, or the mall. To share in the joys of the holidays by storing your just bought gifts in the trunk or keeping your pet safe from the elements while you shop. They will gladly pull their weight by taking you to work in the nastiest weather. They only ask that they be plugged in for a few hours beforehand.

You can help. This little 2004 Acura TSX is so cold, parked outside the back of a house in the suburbs, that she is Arctic Blue Pearl in colour. Forgotten, trying to stay clean from the slush and snow, she huddles for warmth beside a garage, but this reliable thoroughbred would rather curl up inside your garage, waiting to greet you with her 200HP, 2.4 litre engine and her sport shift transmission. This little Japanese carriage is fluent in English, having been raised in Calgary, Alberta. Her family have looked after her as best they could, but now they look to someone else to raise her and show her the love and caring that she deserves.

Please help. For just one easy payment of $11,000, she can be yours. Send your money today and in return, not only will you get her registration paperwork, but you also get her complete maintenance history. We'll even throw in a brush and ice scraper set. With your small gesture, this little Acura will bring her new family delight for many years to come. Make that call today.

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