Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Try comparing things fairly

Any journalist who dares to include the words: "An egg contains more cholesterol than a KFC Double Down sandwich" (you know - the cheese and bacon sandwich using two breaded pieces of chicken as a bun?) is an idiot.

Yes, we know an egg contains a lot of cholesterol. But to put an egg in the ring with an empty calorie, disgusting excuse for a meal like the Double Down and then only look at the cholesterol numbers? That's amateur journalism at its best and at its worst fodder for the deniers who will claim "See! The double down ain't that bad fer ya".

The facts are laid out below and as you can see, an egg, while high in cholesterol, is much lower in all of the other things you need to watch out for. Things like calories, fat and sodium.

Original Double Down

Calories 540; Fat 32g; Sodium 1380mg; Cholesterol 150mg


Calories 70; Fat 5g; Sodium 65mg; Cholesterol 250mg

I'm willing to put money on the next statement. If you went to your doctor and asked him or her which they would recommend you eat - in moderation - the answer would always come back the same. And it wouldn't be the item from KFC......


Anonymous said...

Here's a question Karl, (and I could totally probably just look this up for myself) is there a difference in cholesterol between a raw egg and a cooked one?

Karl Plesz said...

Sorry. I tried to find a reliable answer to that and ran out of time. So I don't know.