Saturday, November 13, 2010

Things you cannot do on a PC

I found this online and decided to steal it and repost it here. Credit? Pfft! We don't need no steenkeeng credit!

"Q. What happens when you delete your recycle bin?
A. Windows won't allow you to do that because when you delete the recycle bin, it just gets put into a new recycle bin. If you empty that new recycle bin it goes into an infinite delete loop that causes your CPU to overload and overheat, creating hot plasma. This plasma forms a miniature singularity - a black hole. This mini black hole then creates a portal, or doorway into the past that part of your computer travels into which arrives just before you delete the recycle bin and instantly blocks the command to delete your recycle bin. Ta-da! Nothing happens. This happens so fast and so often that 99.99% of computer users don't even realize it's happening. It's kind of like dividing by zero. Don't even think of being tempted to try that nasty little trick."

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