Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Not too smart though

Dear testosterone-laden pickup driver from the other night:

I saw what you did there. On the highway, I saw how you came speeding up to that other truck and got right onto his bumper. I saw how when the other truck driver didn't flinch (he wasn't going slow), you decided to pass on the right. You could have kept going. Nobody would have cared. But no. You had to make a point, didn't you?

You had to pull back into the left lane, slam on your brakes, almost forcing the person you just passed to hit you. You had to be a child, playing a virtual driving game of neener-neener. When the person behind you flashed their high beams at you, you were probably laughing maniacally. Then you sped off to resume your high rate of speed. Just when I was shaking my head and cursing you under my breath, I saw you get up behind a second driver and pull the same stunt again! Ride bumper, pass on the right, back into the left lane, slam on the brakes almost hitting them.

Then you exited the highway. You thought you got away with that. But you didn't. Because I got your license plate number. And now so do the police.

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