Monday, November 15, 2010

Are you OK with the groping?

How about the naked scans? It seems that people are finally get ticked off at the hurdles they have to jump through at airport security gates. The tipping point seems to have been the combination of 'walk through this naked scanner that lets us see your private parts, or we're going to touch you in a way that would by any other standard would be considered assault'.

As a result, there are people who are refusing to submit to this. As one San Diego almost passenger put it, "I would be willing to submit to a walk through the metal detector as over 80% of the rest of the people were doing, but I would not be groped." More of that incredible story here.

There is a growing groundswell of consumers that have had enough and are lobbying the rest of us to opt out of the naked scanners. Their goal is to overwhelm the 'groper' screeners. They also want you to inform your government that you won't stand for this treatment.

Now, it's official. November 24th is National (in the US) Opt-out Day.

[Update] Pilot's union advises pilots not to submit to naked scanners.


Jonathan said...

Forget playing doctor with your mate, it's more fun to play 'Airport Security' with 'enhanced patdown'!
I have a feeling next time I travel to the US, I may be wearing tearaway track pants and a speedo, to go with my uncontrollable hip gyrations.

Karl Plesz said...

I would pay good money to witness that.