Sunday, October 24, 2010

By golly, I think he's on to something

Rob Dickens, a former executive at Warner Music, told BCC News that he thinks if albums were marked down to $1, sales would explode. Fans would be more inclined to buy music. He thinks that major albums would sell 200 million copies. He also feels that this would also solve the piracy problem.

To my readers: Would you buy more music if a CD (or in particular, a quality digital copy for download) cost $1 each? Follow up question: Would you cease pirating music (assuming you do the dastardly deed)?

I know I would certainly be inclined to buy more music at $1 per album. Caveat: In uncompressed format - no mp3s. Buying mp3s of music is like buying thumbnails of a stock photograph. They're a meagre sampling of the genuine article.


christine said...

I already buy a ton of music, and I would probably buy even more for a dollar.

Last year I was mocked by a young Safeway clerk for buying an iTunes card. "You're, like, the ONLY person who pays for music".

Anonymous said...

i love buying cds, when i can afford them. i'm not so much into the digital download. i like the feel of a cd in my hand, the album cover, the lyrics inside, and all the work it goes into a cd. plus it's something to show off on the shelf.