Thursday, September 09, 2010


A while back, I mentioned the first consumer-ready electric motorbike available at Best Buy (US) of all places. It was cool, but didn't have a lot of performance cred.

What a difference two years makes. The new Brammo Empulse will go on sale early in 2011 and offer the following specs:
  • 55 HP and 59 Lb-Ft of torque
  • 390 Lbs.
  • 6kwh battery, 60 mile avg range: $9,995
  • 8kWh battery, 80 mile avg range: $11,995
  • 10kWh battery, 100 mile avg range: $13,995
  • City speeds increase range to 130+ miles, while long periods of high-speed cruising shrink range to 60-70 miles.
  • Using a 110v outlet, recharge between six and eight hours for a full charge, but a quick top-up of a half or three-quarters full battery should only take a couple hours.

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