Saturday, July 24, 2010

Why can't I stop drooling?

Remember Tesla? That electric car company that stood the concept of slow, uninspired electric cars on its head with the Tesla Roadster? You know, the electric car that out-performs most gasoline powered cars?

Well, their next entry into the fray is the Model S sedan. It won't be out until 2012, but you can put a deposit down now if you want. They haven't said yet what the price will be (but it's estimated at US$57,000) and yet they do indeed have over 2200 orders reserved.

The specs are next generation electric to be sure. 300 mile (483km) range (with the biggest battery option). 0-60mph in 5.6 seconds. 120mph (193km/h) top speed. Even the base battery has a range of 160 miles (260km). 3 hours to recharge the base model. If you can get a 480 volt plug installed in your garage, that drops to 45 minutes for a quick charge.

They learn a lot building their $100,000 roadster and much of that technology went into the new sedan. Tesla's next goal is to have their next car, a $20-30,000 electric, out by 2016.

I heart the future......

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